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I was getting this error seemingly out of the blue, and none of the usual search results made sense: I wasn't trying to make a list. Turns out, I'd improperly passed a doubly-nested child array to React.createElement(). A la: createElement( "div", divProps, aChild, moreChildren ); Where moreChildren was an array of nodes I'd made earlier. […]

Was getting 500 errors whenever attempting to access a non-existent file located within wp-content/, wp-admin/ or wp-includes/ for a multisite — in my case, this was due to an upload that no longer existed (so a fairly easy thing to trigger). Hunting around on the web lead to no useful results at the time, so […]

I often hear from clients that they want "SEO" on their website because their mother's sister's brother's son told them, "they need SEO to really get found on the web". And, to tell the truth, this is a fact. But what does that really mean in the practical sense of the internet, for your business? […]

As a designer, I am most attracted to the design and feels of a website.  The colors and pictures that drive an emotional response to the content. It is one of things I love most about building a website. BUT, as a developer, I know that the foundation of the entire process of building a […]

For those not familiar with HTTPS, here's a quick rundown: It works just like regular HTTP, except that there is an end-to-end layer of encryption applied so that intermediate servers/people can't snoop on the contents of the communication. This matters for obvious things like online banking & shopping, but also helps keep your social media […]

Ran across an issue today while re-finalizing some code for this site, and happened to break the loop on the blogroll such that it would continue listing the posts until the code timed-out.

We are Sharon (aka Designs) and Codes (aka Codes). Our studio is firmly entrenched in building usable and reliable products for the web. I little note about us: We live in Boulder County, Colorado with our 4 adorable cats. The reason for the Rams all over the place is well - because - Colorado. We […]