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Chris Hellwig

Codes is a talented software developer with a focus on systems integration and UI-backend shimming. Starting with writing program snippets at age 10, Codes moved into compiler/language theory and low-level hardware interfacing before coming to the realization that the market would be moving in the direction of web-based software solutions. Armed with a strong understanding of the underlying implementation backing those browser hosts, Chris can now readily and rapidly create front-end code to pair with his back-end code to enable a more feature-complete and robust web application package.
I was getting this error seemingly out of the blue, and none of the usual search results made sense: I wasn't trying to make a list. Turns out, I'd improperly passed a doubly-nested child array to React.createElement(). A la: createElement( "div", divProps, aChild, moreChildren ); Where moreChildren was an array of nodes I'd made earlier. […]

Was getting 500 errors whenever attempting to access a non-existent file located within wp-content/, wp-admin/ or wp-includes/ for a multisite — in my case, this was due to an upload that no longer existed (so a fairly easy thing to trigger). Hunting around on the web lead to no useful results at the time, so […]

For those not familiar with HTTPS, here's a quick rundown: It works just like regular HTTP, except that there is an end-to-end layer of encryption applied so that intermediate servers/people can't snoop on the contents of the communication. This matters for obvious things like online banking & shopping, but also helps keep your social media […]

Ran across an issue today while re-finalizing some code for this site, and happened to break the loop on the blogroll such that it would continue listing the posts until the code timed-out.